The Muggo on “Pick Up The Six” Podcast

Hey hey! Special edition post today. A dear friend of mine, a guy I’ve known for many many months, invited me on his podcast this morning. We both do this thing called F3 (click here for more info on that), and he does a podcast highlighting different guys in our group and the things they’re doing to better their communities. It’s all good stuff and I encourage you to check out this episode – and while you’re there, go right ahead and mash that “Subscribe” button! It’s on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, et al.

Big shouts to Brian for having me on “Pick Up The Six” to talk about Like I said in the episode, if you have a story and are willing to let me tell it, hit up the “Want To Help” page to get at me.

Follow F3pickupthesix  and @BrianJodice on Twitter. Oh, and follow @the_muggo too.

Pick Up The Six on SoundCloud

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