I teased a few weeks ago about some fun announcements coming up. Well, it’s time to stop teasing and start filling everyone in on what’s new with TheMuggo.com. I’m super excited to announce:

The Inaugural Muggo Writing Contest!!

I can’t tell you how pumped I am for this. Full details about the contest are here, but let me just hit some of the highlights:

  • There are 7 competitors in this first ever Muggo Writing Contest
  • Each competitor is tasked with writing FOUR different types of stories
  • Each set of stories will post in the same week and you, YES YOU, will vote on the winner! Points are accumulated each week and the top point-getter at the end of the month is the undisputed champ.
  • There are a bunch of cool prizes for the winner, including:
    • The pomp and circumstance of winning the first ever Muggo Writing Contest (priceless)
    • A semi-handmade trophy that will be revealed after the first two weeks of the competition
    • A $100 donation (at least, more on this in a sec) to the charity of the winner’s choice
    • Finally, each competitor will receive the official TheMuggo coffee mug for their efforts

I asked a few guys if they’d be interested in participating in something like this and the response was overwhelming. I was hoping for 3-5 entrants and ended up with 7. When I explained the rules, deadlines, and prizes, two of the guys offered up a donation to the winner as a show of sportsmanship. That blew me away, so I figured, why not open that up to the Muggo readers to see if we can have an even greater impact rather than just being a silly website on the internet. So, if you want to participate in that, click here to learn about the charities these guys are writing for and how you can donate.

Again, check this out for more details, then come check out themuggo.com all week next week. Let’s have some fun!