“The Longest Nights”, by Sam Fleder

Finally I settle in,
Weary body wrapped in sheets
Work day’s finished, few beers also
At long last a well-earned sleep

And just before I cross the threshold
To rest that shall restore my soul
When suddenly, out of the ether
A shriek like icepicks impales my soul

Moments ago was still and peaceful
Now, sonic waves of evil bound
About the bedroom, pure screams of torture
Bellows of Hades, demon sounds

These banshee cries can’t possibly
Be human, for no offspring, mine
Could make such caustic noise with only
Lungs not quite aged six months’ time

Surely this babe which mere hours hence
Laid serene in bassinet near
Cannot emit decibel levels
Which shatter crystal chandeliers

But siring offspring has its duties
As fam’ly leader, I must dig deep!
I roll back over, fake-snore loudly
And pray she puts him back to sleep.