“Like Father, Like Son”, by Matt Kelley

My son really had to go,
but we were on the expressway,

I had to tell him “NO!”
We were on the express way!

He cried and screamed in a fit of rage,
So I finally gave in and pulled over,

I figured he was now the right age,
So I told him to get out and just go’fer,

He looked at me and said, “No way!”

Gasp!  This was my moment, I thought,
Something only a dad could teach his son!

I took in a long breath hoping not to get caught,
and, yes, I showed him how it was done,

Like father, like son it was his turn to go!
I proudly stood waiting as he got set,

He adjusted his pants and looked at me slow,
then stopped and cried, “I want a toilet!”

We were on the expressway…