“The Kids Are Alright”, by Sam Gapinski

He runs wildly, waving arms catch my face
Nose aching now, blood doth trickle a trace
His warm smiles can turn to tears on a dime
His rage impulsive, comes out time to time
But to him I’m a hero, my flaws but a gaffe
He screams in delight when he can make me laugh
When the sun goes down and the day is done
My love for him never wanes, not even once
He is my son.

She’s young and beautiful, eyes deep gray
She smiles with such joy, in her own sweet way
She’s such a great napper, which I’m thankful for
Consecutive hours at night bring sanity more
She can sometimes be spitty, with stomach so new
Patience come easy, she’s ridiculously cute
I clean her up with burp cloth and water
My love ever deepens as I gently blot her
She is my daughter.

I am their father.