“Love and Panic at Big Box”, by Carl Schreiber

Big Red Box.
Mission? Obtain toys.
M and 2.0
will make it rain green paper.
Plastered-on “Dad” smile…
missing the game!

2.0: “Miss game?”
he scans Box,
a wide smile.
Then “Oops! Potty paper!”
M tosses me 2.0.

Struggling 2.0,
Marriage: the ‘beautiful’ game.
“Potty paper!!”
Storming across the Box
Behind me, M smiles.

My fake smile,
suspicious 2.0.
Fatherhood–the duplicitous game.
Sprinting–endless $*%&# Box!!
“Potty paper!”

No! Not enough #@*$% paper!!!
2.0’s disappearing smile,
Chaos in Box.
Running, pantless 2.0
Me, “Not a game!!”

“No Toys!!”
Passing tail of toilet paper
Just wanted to watch game
M smiles,
Mooning 2.0.
Panic at the Box

So many ruined games and toys
Box’s manager joins the chase, there will be much lost paper
M smiles as we all chase the 2.0