“Fatherhood”, by Kevin Mouillesseaux

Angst, Anxiety, Stress, and Nerves;
Before I met my First-Born Girl.
Barely born – so new, so small.
And in a flash, She ‘came my All.

Disparate feelings: Worry. Joy.
Arrived ‘longside my Infant Boy.
Different true; yet much the same.
As here, a Man to bear my Name.

Perfect perhaps, but not complete.
Another Girl I’d yet to meet.
Practice did not ease the Fear
As I waited to hold Her near

Looking back, how time has flown!
Over the years, how they’ve grown!
Vales and hills, lows then high;
Each day’s a laugh, a scream, a sigh.

Have I led them, well, and true?
Or have I pushed them, hard and cruel?
Patience; a rare and precious Gift.
Eager, I long for more of it.

Practice Faith and cast my gaze.
Remember just Whose heirs I raise.
Ask Forgiveness, beg His help –
Yesterday’s gone, but ‘morrow’s undealt.