Writer #8: Fatherhood

“Fatherhood”, by Kevin Mouillesseaux

Angst, Anxiety, Stress, and Nerves;
Before I met my First-Born Girl.
Barely born – so new, so small.
And in a flash, She ‘came my All.

Disparate feelings: Worry. Joy.
Arrived ‘longside my Infant Boy.
Different true; yet much the same.
As here, a Man to bear my Name.

Perfect perhaps, but not complete.
Another Girl I’d yet to meet.
Practice did not ease the Fear
As I waited to hold Her near

Looking back, how time has flown!
Over the years, how they’ve grown!
Vales and hills, lows then high;
Each day’s a laugh, a scream, a sigh.

Have I led them, well, and true?
Or have I pushed them, hard and cruel?
Patience; a rare and precious Gift.
Eager, I long for more of it.

Practice Faith and cast my gaze.
Remember just Whose heirs I raise.
Ask Forgiveness, beg His help –
Yesterday’s gone, but ‘morrow’s undealt.


  1. Well Done Well Done! Why do we think it’s all up to us alone.. Beg his help, Practice Faith and cast my Gaze. Set the example Dads! They are watching.

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