Hey hey! We made it to the end of the first week of the Muggo Writing Contest. For those of you who have stuck with these poems all week, the staff at TheMuggo and all the wonderful writers tip our caps to you. Now it’s up to you, dear reader, to tell us who will win the week!

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Lastly – there was another writer who had to drop out of the contest before it got started, but the poem he submitted was too good not to post. So below the poll, be sure to check out Bill’s poem and show him some love!

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The hopes and joys of an impending birth
May startle and alarm the unprepared
The time draws near for fears to all be aired
What started as an evening full of mirth
We plan, we save, we seek to build our worth
To give this child a home where love is shared
Sometimes it feels as though no cost is spared!
This child, my son, is about to join this earth
Upon arrival, pride swells my heart tenfold
This tiny being, so meek, so frail, so small
I ask myself “How can I be this bold?
There is no way I can lead us through this all!”
But with faith in God, and friends both new and old,
We will love, nurture, and cherish this child so small.
– Bill Bass


Come back next week for Round 2: Short Prose.