She was patient. After all, there were only two people in front of her at the return desk and CostCo is nothing if not efficient. The first man in line was returning a dozen boxes of “egg-beaters”. The food stuff, not the kitchen appliance. Meg, behind the counter smiled warmly and assured the man he could return them, no problem. She looked at his receipt, refunded his money, and set the egg beaters behind the counter. The second man in line had a battered piece of luggage. It was scuffed and bruised from a long, trip involving what looked to be a few connecting flights. He told Meg that the suite case didn’t meet his needs and he wished to return it. She smiled and nodded. The suitcase was whisked behind the counter and the refund given.

Then my mother-in-law stepped up. She was returning a shirt she had purchased a few days before because it didn’t fit quite right. She leaned forward, looked at Meg and said, “What’s your best story?” Meg stopped, cocked her head to one side and said, “What are you talking about?” My mother-in-law smiled. “I want to know the craziest thing anyone has ever returned.” Meg smiled.

“You won’t believe me.”
“Try me”.
“Seriously, you’ll tell me I’m making it up.”
My mother-in-law looked at Meg and said, “I work at a used car lot. Give it your best shot.”

Meg smiled at the challenge. “Well, a couple of years ago and elderly man came into the store. He was carrying an urn.”

“An urn? You mean, like something you put ashes in? You sell those?”

“Yep, he had an urn. He put it right up here on the counter and said he needed to return it. Obviously I asked him why. He told me ever since he put his wife’s ashes in the urn she wouldn’t stop talking. So he needed to get rid if it.”

My mother-in-law was impressed. “So, was she still in the urn? Did you take it back?”

About that time a line was forming behind my mother in-law and the people were getting restless. Meg smiled, slowly straightened up and said, “Sorry, looks like I have to wait on the next customer.”