First off, thanks to all who voted! This was a very tight race and the winner got a late push to overtake the top spot. Without further ado, here’s how Week One shook out:

Week One Results

Place Story/Author % of Votes
1st “Like Father, Like Son”
written by Matt Kelley
2nd “Fatherhood”
written by Kevin Mouillesseaux
3rd “The Best Day”
written by Adam Silver
4th “Ours”
written by Jim Herr
5th “Bottomless Pit”
written by Ken Chestnutt
6th “The Longest Nights”
written by Sam Fleder
7th “Love and Panic at Big Box”
written by Carl Schreiber
N/A “The Kids Are Alright”
written by Sam Gapinski


Rank Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Total Points
1st Matt Kelley 8 8
2nd Kevin Mouillesseaux 7 7
3rd Adam Silver 6 6
4th Jim Herr 5 5
5th Ken Chestnutt 4 4
6th Sam Fleder 3 3
7th Carl Schreiber 2 2
8th The Muggo N/A


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