“Call it” said the doctor,
There’s nothing left to do.
I’ve done what could
And now I should
Give up, this patient’s through.

No miracle of medicine
Can save this escaped soul.
For earthly wealth
Can’t buy good health
The years exact their toll.

How fast the nipping puppy
Matures to an aged cur
His hopes, his dreams
Only denouement scenes
A life, a blink, a blur.”

And then the doc leaned close to me,
And furtively belied
A confident course
By which this corpse
Might well still be alive.

“For a life-long saturn-alia
There can be no substitute,
To exist effusively
Man must consume exclusively
Round, fresh, orange-colored fruit!

Like plenty of oranges.  Mangos are nice. Hell, apricots are just little nuggets of heaven and everyone knows it.  Whichever. Just eat lots of vitamin C. Keeps you young. Strong. Virile. Trust me. I’m a doctor.”