We finally made it to the last week of The Muggo Writing Contest! This week the contestants are writing about their greatest fears in life. Strap in, folks! This is gunna be one heck of a ride.

I didn’t fully anticipate just how deep the guys would go with their stories, so I’m going to slow this down a little to give these stories their proper due. Starting tomorrow, I’ll post one story per day which I hope will allow readers to keep up.

I know some people have liked to wait to read all of the stories at one time before voting. But given the nature of these stories, I’ve decided to ax the voting for this part of the contest. It doesn’t feel appropriate to ask the guys to bare their souls and then tell one of them that they got last place. That’s not what TheMuggo.com is about.

That said, voting is currently underway for the second round of poetry, so scoot on over here to read the stories and vote for your favorite.

There will be some outstanding content here over the next two weeks, and I sincerely hope you find time to check it all out. You’ll be happy you did.