WEEK TWO: Results and Standings

It’s still anyone’s game. Big win by “Uber Deer”, but Matt stays atop the standings by the slimmest of margins. TheMuggo.com is where the real March madness happens:

Week Two Results

Place Story/Author Points
1st “Uber Deer”
written by Jim Herr
29% 8
2nd “Crastination”
written by Adam Silver
25% 7
T-3rd “Returns”
written by Ken Chesnutt
11% 6
T-3rd “The Time I Stole A Car”
written by Matt Kelley
11% 6
T-5th “The Manly Man’s Guide To Restroom Etiquette”
written by Carl Schreiber
8% 4
T-5th “Finally Free”
written by Sam Fleder
8% 4
T-5th “It Can Wait”
written by Kevin Mouillesseaux
8% 4
“The Golden Rule Gone Wrong”
written by Sam Gapinski


Rank Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Total Points
1st Matt Kelley 8 6 14
2nd Adam Silver 6 7 13
3rd Jim Herr 5 8 13
4th Kevin Mouillesseaux 7 4 11
5th Ken Chesnutt 4 6 10
6th Sam Fleder 3 4 7
7th Carl Schreiber 2 4 6
8th The Muggo

Be sure to check out Week Three’s stories HERE.
And remember, you can contribute by donating!

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