I stumbled into an idea a few weeks ago. I say “stumbled” because for the longest time – the past few months – I’ve been struggling to determine what is theMuggo.com’s purpose. Sure, “Telling Stories, Learning Lessons”. But the past year or so, it’s been a lot more telling stories than learning lessons. I can weave a story in no time at all, but to learn a lesson is harder to do, and passing that lesson on to others is even harder. So, I was stuck.

We visited my sister and brother-in-law a handful of weeks ago, and he asked me about the purpose of this website. Michael had no idea that I’d been wrestling with that very question for months, but him asking the question goaded me into finally taking serious time to consider it.

One day soon after that, after a particularly difficult workout, I was sort of struck by one of the guys I worked out with. I’ve known this guy for a couple years now, and I was there the day he started doing the F3 workouts. Yeah, the same F3 workouts you just know I love talking about.

Anyway, that particular day, the guy was at the front of the group anytime we ran from one part of the park to the next. Two years ago, he was always the “six”, meaning he was always at the back of the pack. It was cool to see how far he had come, and I know he’s determined to continue accelerating in regards to his fitness.

Bingo bongo – I had me an idea. How ’bout that.

I realized that most of the men I’ve surrounded myself with are the types of men who are always pursuing to get better in some aspect of their life, whether it’s physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, or any other number of ways. I also know just how toxic the internet can be sometimes, so I have always wanted to focus on victories and positive things on this website. Thus, the Accelerating Man series idea was conceived.

Here’s how it works – I emailed a dozen or so guys whom I know pretty well and whom I see accelerating in certain aspects of their lives on a daily basis. I want to spend some time recognizing those things, picking them apart a little to understand the motivation, and ultimately giving encouragement (or a swift kick in the rear) to others.

Who better to start with than a man I know all too well. My father, Joe Gapinski.

Sit back and take in the thoughts of a great leader, whether he likes it or not.

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Thanks for listening. Send me a note at muggoconnect@gmail.com if you’re accelerating and want to share what you’re doing with others. Also send me a note if you’re NOT accelerating and need some help getting started. I’ve got ideas.

Blue. Diamond.