Accelerating Man: Adam Zerda

Adam Zerda (better known as Pierogi to his F3 brothers) stops by’s Accelerating Man series to share stories about a recent epic experience – a two-week family roadtrip featuring roller coasters, backpacking, remote islands, beautiful shorelines, a chocolate shoppe for alcoholics, the license plate game, and a really, really big cave. Some might call it Mammoth, even. This interview will be sure to get you fired up to do something epic with your own family!

And yes, his shirt reads “Talk Nerdy To Me”.

As always, please share this with as many of your Facebook and Twitter and Instagram friends as you can possibly find. It’s not going to kill you to hit that “share” button, I promise. Also, make sure you subscribe to TheMuggo Story Podcast, where all these interviews will be ready for your willing ears to hear. Search for it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

Thanks for watching and/or listening. Send me a note at if you’re accelerating and want to share what you’re doing with others. Also send me a note if you’re NOT accelerating and need some help getting started. I’ve got ideas.

Blue. Diamond.


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