Today’s guest is the the three-headed evil genius monster who conceived and brought to life an idea so vile, so torturous, so diabolically difficult, so mean, so, so, so…there aren’t enough words to describe it, so I’ll just stop. They are the creators of the Iron Pax Challenge, a four-week competition made up of a variety of incredibly difficult workouts designed to push men to their limits, while asking for just a few more reps. Initially created as a way to crown the ultimate F3 man, in it’s third year the guys are focusing more on the participants who are further down the leader board, but giving it their absolute best shot. By focusing more on the you-versus-you aspect of the competition, who better to talk to about acceleration than these men.

Eric Hudgens (F3 Kobayashi), Adam Weyer (F3 Bengay), and Josh Sims (F3 Alpo) joined me to talk about all things IPC, from concept to design to criticism to success. Not only are these men accelerating, they bringing a whole mess of other men with them. In its third year, over 4,000 men signed up to accept the Iron Pax Challenge, and the goal is to have at least 1,500 complete the IPC start-to-finish.

Take a listen to my interview with these hard-charging men, and circle next September on your 2021 calendar. Iron Pax Challenge 2021 is already in the works.

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