Nine Years

January 12, 2010. I was mindlessly driving south on I-65 just north of the exit leading to Winimac, IN. Where ever the hell that is. No radio. No phone calls. Just driving on a sunny day in January. Given the time of year, the sun sat lower in the sky than it would in the …

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Muggo Shorts #2: Anticipating Baby

Freshly cut pineapple. Taking long walks. Intercourse. Acupressure. Car rides down bumpy roads. More walks. Visualization exercises. A hurricane named Michael. Another walk. It hasn't been 40 full weeks yet, but the baby is showing no signs of leaving its comfort zone. Hendrik - lovingly referred to as "the Muggo" - was born on week …

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Muggo Shorts #1: Sleep Interrupted

Welcome to Muggo Shorts. These aren't like the other stories I write. These are quips, thoughts, ideas...whatever. But they're short. There's no moral. It's just something that struck me and I decided to write it down. Consider these to be poems. Hey, I'm a poet now! Enjoy. ________________________________________________________________ The words stream through the early morning …

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