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The Contest

Welcome to the Inaugural TheMuggo Writing Contest!

Details about the contest are below. But first, here’s what’s been posted so far:

Week One: Poetry about Fatherhood

Writer #1: Ours
Writer #2: Bottomless Pit
Writer #3: The Best Day
Writer #4: The Longest Nights
Writer #5: Like Father, Like Son
Writer #6: The Kids Are Alright
Writer #7: Love and Panic at Big Box
Writer #8: Fatherhood
Week 1 – RESULTS!


Week Two: Short Prose about any topic

Writer #1: The Time I Stole A Car
Writer #2: It Can Wait
Writer #3: Crastination
Writer #4: Uber Deer
Writer #5: Returns
Writer #6: Finally Free 
Writer #7: The Golden Rule Gone Wrong
Writer #8: The Manly Man’s Guide To Bathroom Etiquette
Week 2 – RESULTS!


Week Three: Poetry using the words Puppy, Doctor, Saturn, & Mango

Writer #1: The Poor Puppy…
Writer #2: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, MaBell!
Writer #3: “Pizzas” Will Ever Be A Planet
Writer #4: Diss Track
Writer #5: Pits In My Stomach
Writer #6: Where’d That Come From
Writer #7: Frisco, PI
Writer #8: Saved By The Mango

Week Four: Long Prose about My Greatest Fear (week of 3/25)

A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
“Will It Help?”
Just A Hearer
Am I Still That Man?
What If I’m Wrong?
When It Rains, It Pours
Enough Is Enough
Greatest Fear





Who’s participating?

Seven friends of mine. And me, although I’m not allowed to win.

What is this?

A writing competition. I’ve asked for four (4) different pieces of writing from each contestant, all of which will be posted throughout the month of March. The categories are as follows:

Week 1: Poetry: topic – Fatherhood, silly or serious (150 word limit)

Week 2: Short prose: topic – silly non-fiction about anything (400 word limit)

Week 3: Poetry: topic – any style, but must include the following four words: Puppy, Doctor, Saturn, Mango (150 word limit)

Week 4: Long prose: topic – serious non-fiction about your greatest fear (800 word minimum – 1,500 word max)

When is this?

The entire month of March. I’ll post two stories per day, Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, I’ll post a poll where readers can vote on their favorite entry for that week.

Okay, but Where?

um…right here. At themuggo dot com.


Inviting others to write for this contest is a way to expand the reach of this site, and ultimately, the stories shared here. So, I’ll shamelessly ask each of you reading this to share/retweet/repost each and every one of these stories. Plus, this should be a whole lotta fun!

But How?

Each Friday, after all the stories for that week have been published, I will post a poll where readers can vote on the best story written that week. Voting will remain open for one week for each category. The top vote-getter will receive 7 points, second place get’s 6 points, and so on. Points from each week will be totaled and whoever has the most at the end of March wins!

Additionally…there are prizes!! The winner will receive the coveted MWC Trophy (muggo writing contest) which I will hand-make in my garage, the title of TheMuggo Writing Contest Champ, a 12-pack of whatever beverage they choose (within reason, of course), and at least $100 toward the charity of their choice (donated by a couple of the contestants) – if anyone else wants to chip in donations, please let me know. All participants will receive a small gift as well, along with the satisfaction that they did something they never thought they’d do.

Can I participate?

You betcha! In a few different ways, even. First, you can read all of the stories and vote on your favorite. Second, you can help spread the word about this contest by sharing the links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn…wherever! Third, you can participate by donating to the charity of the winner’s choice! The charities include Hope Scarves, Healing Transitions, Haven House, and Dorcas Ministries. I’ve set up a PayPal money pool, to make it easier to donate. Every cent donated will go directly to the charities! I’ll even post receipts 🙂 If you’d rather donate to the charities directly, by all means, freed to lead!

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