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What’s “The Muggo”?

If you’re looking for the purpose of this site, here’s the why.

“Muggo” is a nickname for my son, Hendrik. Don’t ask me how I came up with it…I’ll just tell you.

Do you ever catch yourself deep in thought, wondering how you got to where you did in your mind? You know, like maybe you started with a conversation about what to have for dinner and a few minutes later ended up thinking about the time you tried to shave the cat in 10th grade because you accidentally burnt most of the hair off already? Don’t lie, you have.

Well, that’s how nicknames work for me. They start off as something legitimate, but eventually evolve into something completely bonkers. Just ask my wife, Allison, who I will sometimes affectionately refer to as “chowda”. Yeah, like chowder. One of my pet names for my wife is a soup. But I swear it started as a legitimate thought:

Allison is always cold = I started calling her chilly woman = I shortened it to chilly = I started spelling it “chili” in emails to her = it evolved to another type of delicious soup, “chowder” = then I decided I liked saying “chowda” better than “chowder” because, I mean, come on = I call Allison “Chowda” now.

So that’s where “Muggo” came from. The problem is…I don’t remember how I ever got to that nickname. Six months of sleep deprivation will do that to a person. I just know that, at some point, I started calling him a muggin (like from the movie “Elf”), and that turned into Muggo.

Muggo is a cute nickname for a handsome little kiddo (if you let it be), and Hendrik is a handsome little kiddo. So it works. Additionally, my first ever post on this site is about Muggo, so it just sorta fit, you know?

Plus, think about all the weirdo website names on the internet – even the biggest ones like Google, Yahoo, Reddit, Pinterest, Bing (lol Bing, just kidding). None of those make any sense. And do you realize how hard it is to find a unique domain name that doesn’t end with a .net or .org or .blog? Nothing says “this is a garbage website” like one that ends in .blog. Just saying.

Hendrik 2

^that’s the Muggo, circa early 2017. He has more hair than me and I think about that fact at least four times each day 😦

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