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So, here’s the thing. I could write novels upon novels about every story of every little thing that has happened in my life. But, in all reality, I’m just not that interesting. I’d much rather hear what you have to say. So I’m inviting men of all kinds to get involved with this project.

If you have a story – something impactful, something silly, something unbelievable – I want to hear it. I want to hear from men of all ages, races, religions, ethnicities, backgrounds, foregrounds, playgrounds…you get the point. The idea is to share our experiences, share life, so that we might be able to understand a perspective different from that of our own.

If you haven’t caught it yet, I’ve chosen my words carefully. I’ve made mention of getting “men” to holler at me, but, and I’m sure some of you ladies have already asked yourself this question, what about the women? Look, it’s really simple. I, personally, am not a woman. So me (a man) trying to tell a woman’s story would likely turn out about as well as me building my own rocket and landing on the moon. I’m just not qualified to try to convey a story from the female perspective.

So, men, if you have a story to tell, I’d like to interview you. For more information on how to get started, send me a note:


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