Writer #1: The Poor Puppy That Ate a Mango and Had to be Driven to the Doctor in a Saturn Ion

*Dedicated to GroupMe
(To the Tune of “Oh My Darling, Clementine” – no relation to F3Clementine)


My poor puppy
ate a mango;
pooped twelve times since yesterday.
So, I drove her
in my Saturn
to see the Doctor, just in case.

Doctor told me
follow puppy
round the block both night and day
To see that Mango
in her dog piles;
find it in there – come what may!

So, I put on
latex gloves and
marched that pup all through the night.
I might have missed that
slender seed were
it not for my Saturn’s lights.

We’re so happy,
Me and puppy
With relief we both do sigh.
Then I see the
doctor’s invoice –
it’s enough to make me cry!

Sold the mangos.
Sold the Saturn.
Just to have enough to pay
that crooked Doctor.
But it was worth it
to have my puppy here today.


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