Thanks to all the guys for participating in the first ever TheMuggo Writing Contest!

As a reminder, here are the stakes:

  • The winner will receive:
    • The pomp and circumstance of winning the first ever Muggo Writing Contest (priceless)
    • A semi-handmade trophy that will be revealed shortly
    • A $250 donation to the charity of the winner’s choice
    • A 12-pack of beverage of the winner’s choice
    • Finally, each competitor will receive the official TheMuggo coffee mug for their efforts

Without further ado, congratulations to the WINNER of TMWC!!

Final Standings

Rank Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Total Points
1st WINNER – Matt Kelley 8 6 8 22
T-2nd Jim Herr 5 8 5 18
T-2nd Kevin Mouillesseaux 7 4 7 18
T-4th Adam Silver 6 7 4 17
T-4th Ken Chestnutt 4 6 7 17
6th Sam Fleder 3 4 3 10
7th Carl Schreiber 2 4 3 9
8th The Muggo


Matt started strong with his poem about teaching his son how to…um…relieve himself on the side of a highway. He was able to stay atop the leader board in Week 2, despite his 3rd place finish with his short story about being a pretty terrible valet. But in the end, his poetry skills were too strong. He won big again in Week 3 with his new solo hit single, “Diss Track“, available on iTunes in late 2019. A wire-to-wire winner, congratulations to Matt Kelley on his incredible performance!

Week 3 Results

Place Story/Author Points
1st “Diss Track”
written by Matt Kelley
32% 8
T-2nd “The Poor Puppy…”
written by Kevin Mouillesseaux
16% 7
T-2nd “Frisco, P.I.”
written by Ken Chesnutt
16% 7
5th “Pits In My Stomach”
written by Jim Herr
13% 5
6th “Where’d That Come From?”
written by Adam Silver
10% 4
T-7th “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Ma Bell!”
written by Carl Schreiber
7% 3
T-7th “Saved By The Mango”
written by Sam Fleder
7% 3
“‘Pizzas’ Will Ever Be A Panet”
written by Sam Gapinski

HUGE thanks to all of the great guys who participated in this contest!

Matt Kelley
Like Father, Like Son ; The Time I Stole A Car ; Diss Track ; Just A Hearer

Jim Herr
Ours ; Uber Deer ; Pits In My Stomach ; A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Kevin Mouillesseaux
Fatherhood ; It Can Wait ; The Poor Puppy

Adam Silver
The Best Day ; Crastination ; Where’d That Come From?

Ken Chestnutt
Bottomless Pit ; Returns ; Frisco, PI

Sam Fleder
The Longest Nights ; Finally Free ; Saved By The Mango

Carl Schreiber
Love and Panic at Big Box ; The Manly Man’s Guide To Restroom Etiquette ; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Ma Bell!

Special thanks to these two men who submitted a story for the My Greatest Fear topic:

Luke Wessler
What If I’m Wrong?

John Knowles
When It Rains, It Pours

You guys are all awesome! Enjoy your mugs.


Oh. Here’s what I wrote: The Kids Are Alright ; The Golden Rule Gone Wrong ; ‘Pizzas’ Will Ever Be A Planet ; Enough Is Enough