Writer #2: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Ma Bell!!!

Such was my chagrin, to find my Love gone,
Fell she did to the dastardly Ma Bell.
The doctor of Love and Merkins as well.
Woe then like a whipped puppy I whined.
Why, how, could a manly man such as me,
lose my sweet, sweet Mango to the dark side?
I cursed! Is this what I must abide!?!?
To know while on this great bile I dined,
sweet Mango’s heart did with Ma Bell get entwined.
But how with just a powder blue Saturn
could I compete against that slattern?
That FNG’s naming would not be my crowning gem,
as I had lost that battle to another HIM.


  1. I must not watch Harry Potter, well I’ve never seen HP. So Much philosophy , I’m trying not to be so stupit! But give me a few days n I’ll come up with something 😂

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